Commercial Banks & Mortgage Finance Institutions

Commercial Banks and Mortgage Finance Institutions are licensed and regulated pursuant to the provisions of the Banking Act and the Regulations and Prudential Guidelines issued thereunder. They are the dominant players in the Kenyan Banking system and closer attention is paid to them while conducting off-site and on-site surveillance to ensure that they are in compliance with the laws and regulations.

Currently there are there are 43 licensed commercial banks and 1 mortgage finance company.


Find below the list of registered Commercial Banks, Mortgage Finance Companies and Bank Branch listing.

Out of the 44 institutions, 31 are locally owned and 13 are foreign owned. The locally owned financial institutions comprise 3 banks with significant shareholding by the Government and State Corporations, 27 commercial banks and 1 mortgage finance institution. The ownership structure of the commercial banks and mortgage finance company is as depicted in the chart below:

*Shareholding by the Government and state corporations


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