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The Central Bank partnered with the Kenya Bankers Association and the Nairobi National Museum to sponsor an Art Competition for primary and high school students at the Museum’s Art Club. Speaking at the colorful event, the Central Bank Governor Dr Patrick Njoroge underscored the importance of reaching out to the youth to ensure they understand and appreciate the mandate and functions of the Central Bank.

The paintings will be exhibited at the CBK Numismatic Museum which is to be  opened on September 14, 2016.

The students who participated had a great time interacting with the Governor and other CBK staff.  “I didn’t know much about money but I have learnt a lot about the history of money just by coming here,” said one of the students. “It is my first time meet the Governor of CBK,” said another.

The CBK Governor was equally enthused, stating: “I could be here for hours and I’ve learnt a few things. I’ve learnt, for instance, that the shilling was introduced on January 1, 1943. I didn’t know that coming in here. I think it is important for us to appreciate our youth better.”

The highlight of the competition was paintings explaining the evolution of money. One had a gold medal for CBK.  Another clever painting depicted a time before coins were deemed as acceptable currency in Kenya and East Africa and shows traders paying for goods using cowrie shells.