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The Central Bank of Kenya celebrated 50 years of its existence and service to the nation at a colorful Epic event held on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at the Nairobi National Museum. The event  was graced by His Excellency the President Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta and entailed the launch of a Numismatic Museum. Present at the event were Governors and Deputy Governors from the region and from around the world, former Governors of the Central Bank, stakeholders from the financial sector, development partners and other international guests. As part of its golden jubilee celebrations, the Central Bank conducted several activities in the 12 months preceding the Epic celebration.

Central Banking Symposium
CBK hosted an international central banking symposium on September 13, 2016. This was a high-level forum that brought together local and international economists, bankers, researchers, members of the academia and other stakeholders to engage on emerging issues in central banking. Click here to view more Symposium photos



The Numismatic Museum
The Central Bank of Kenya launched a Numismatic Museum at the Nairobi National Museum. The exhibition showcases not only current currencies but also various historical currencies over the 50 years of the Central Bank’s existence. The display includes notes and coins from the East African Currency Board era as well as Kenya’s first post-independence legal tender. A special section of the exhibition is dedicated to young learners. The exhibition will remain open to the public for the next six months. Click here to view more Epic celebration photos



CBK Internship Programme
The Bank introduced an Internship Programme in July 2016 that seeks to promote the development of talent that can support the continued development of Kenya’s banking and financial sector. The programme is equipping the nine youthful participants with relevant knowledge and skills of the central bank and financial sector operations. The programme is focused on the youth of this country through improving financial sector literacy and providing opportunities for the target candidates to gain relevant exposure.

CBK Documentaries
CBK has produced a documentary that captures its history as an institution over the last 50 years. This documentary takes cognizance of the key achievements, challenges and lessons learnt over the period as well as the Bank’s vision going forward. In addition to the historical documentary, CBK has produced a second documentary featuring the faces behind CBK.

CBK Publications
To document the important milestones CBK has covered over the past 50 years, two publications will be produced and availed as collections for future reference and learning. These are:

  • History and Development of Money in Kenya
    This book chronicles the development of money as an important instrument in facilitation of trade in Kenya and the East African region.


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  • The People of Central Bank (Forthcoming)
    The book captures and celebrates past and present staff who have made a remarkable and inspiring contribution to CBK as well as impacted society in different ways.

The Kenya Music Festival

The Bank partnered with the Kenya Music Festival Committee as the Title and Thematic Sponsor of 2016 Primary and Secondary Schools music festival. The Music Festival is but one of the activities targeting the nation’s youth as CBK marks its golden jubilee. Through this sponsorship, CBK worked to deliver financial literacy through music and connect to the public, namely students and the youth. The competitions ended on Aug. 18, 2016, and were followed by a State concert for all winning categories on Aug. 19, 2016.

Mathare Youth Empowerment

CBK developed initiatives that can support youth and Kenyan athletes on investments and financial literacy. In this regard, the Governor launched the Mathare Youth Empowerment Program on May 31, 2016, at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies. Subsequently, CBK conducted a training program for the youth May 31, 2016, with a follow up session on June 7, 2016. A field trip to selected firms was done on June 14, 2016.

CBK Art Competition The Bank, in partnership with the Kenya Bankers Association, sponsored an art competition for primary and high school students. The competition entailed students representing the CBK@50 theme through creative and artistic forms such as painting, collage, mosaic and other works of art. Student pieces were subjected to an assessment after which the winning art works were showcased at the Nairobi National Museum. 29071705723_fe4bd47e70_o