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Books posted here relate to those published by the Central Bank of Kenya and/or edited by our staff.

History and Development of Money in Kenya: In everyday society, the story of money elicits excitement as people easily relate to them. Interacting with currency notes and coins that have long ceased to be used can only evoke memories, especially those who saw and used the currencies. This is the story the Central Bank of Kenya brings to the fore – a story of the various currencies and artefacts that were used to facilitate trade in Kenya and beyond. A story that captures how money has transformed over time within our spheres and gain traction as the primary instrument of trade.

The book, which was published in September 2016 to commemorate the Central Bank’s 50th Anniversary, is available online and at Book Stop and Prestige bookshops.

Kenya: Policies for Prosperity: Edited by Christopher Adam, Paul Collier and Njuguna Ndung’u

This book which was published in January 2011 explores the challenges facing an economy standing at a crossroads. Kenya has experienced a period of high and sustained growth since the mid 1990s, growth which involved economic transformation away from a heavy reliance on traditional economic activities towards an emerging manufacturing economy. But this process, and the economic and social stability that had come to characterize Kenya, have been severely tested by the post-election violence of 2008. Restoring equitable growth and sustaining the structural transformation of the economy is essential if Kenya is to leave this dark period behind.


Kenya Portrait of a Country: This book describes and illustrates the attractions and charms of our country in addition to details about our economic status and future prospects. It captures the breath-taking grandeur of Kenya’s varied landscapes and the magical diversity of its wildlife. It celebrates our diverse communities united in their determination to transform this country economically and to meet the expectations of our people in the spheres of education, health and social services. The book was published in 2008.

Kenya’s Roving Ambassadors: The story of Kenya’s achievements in the field of athletics is one that can be told from many angles. This book takes a human interest perspective. It is about courage, discipline, perseverance and other human qualities that distinguish winners from losers. It is about the essence of success, and the substance of which all true champions are made. It is about the spirit of young Kenyans who have risen above difficult and sometimes daunting circumstances to achieve greatness; a spirit that, over the centuries, has advanced mankind and transformed nations. This book was published in 1999.


Kenya Land of Opportunity

Many books have been written about Kenya. Some have been on its history, some on its economic development. Others have focused on its flora and fauna. Yet others have dwelt on the diversity of its landscape. In this book, perhaps for the first time, all these different aspects of the country have been brought together in one illustrated volume. The reader will see, through a series of arresting photographs, not only the grandeur of the land but also the energy and vitality of Kenyan society. At the same time, the reader will discover the story of our economic development and, understanding the complexities of our problems, join with us as we seek solutions to them.

This book was published in November 1991 as the Central Bank marked its 25th anniversary.