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Invest in Kenya

Kenya is one of the most attractive destinations for investment in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a financial infrastructure that provides security, stability and opportunity for growth.

For more investment opportunities in Kenya, view the Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest) website here

Developed Financial Sector


Stability in Prices

Economic Growth

Developed Financial Sector

Kenya’s financial sector combines creative solutions to regional challenges and a strong regulatory framework based on international standards. Government bodies like the Central Bank of Kenya operate under clearly defined statutory regulations and create further guidelines that allow for comprehensive oversight.

This framework governs an intensively innovative sector, using the likes of mobile technology to ensure that financial developments are accessible throughout the entire country, giving investors reach beyond Kenya’s urban centres. This emphasis on financial inclusion is driven from the top down, with the government and leading private institutions working to increase the options available to Kenyan consumers.

This innovative spirit also extends to the sector itself, where the Central Bank and other institutions are working to implement initiatives that further develop the sector, creating international standards that work in a local environment through measures like credit reference bureaus and agency banking.

The Central Bank places a particular focus on advanced and efficient payment systems, including the Kenya Electronic Payment and Settlement System (KEPSS), which allows for secure payments within the country, and the East African Payment System (EAPS) and Regional Payment and Settlement System (REPSS), which make it easier for investors to conduct regional business.

Stability in Prices

Employing the top economic minds in the country, the Central Bank’s monetary policy has created an environment wherein investors can count on price stability.

Inflation rates and exchange rates in Kenya offer security when making long-term decisions, while consistently attractive interest rates offer significant opportunities.

Economic Growth

Kenya has consistently shown economic growth, which can be seen in our increasing GDP. Supported primarily by the agricultural, manufacturing, mining and investment sectors, recent years have also seen a resurgence in the country’s tourism industry, pushing foreign exchange.

Diaspora remittances are also on the rise and are an additional stabilising force in Kenya’s foreign exchange, as well as a show of confidence from Kenyans living abroad.

Locally, governmental efforts to improve and expand Kenya’s infrastructure, including the Standard Gauge Railway Project, are creating the potential for more industry growth. These projects will also allow for expansion and greater efficiency in import and export operations in Kenya.

As the Kenyan market continues to grow, so does financial access. The buying potential of Kenyans is increasing, as is their drive to take advantage of investment opportunities.