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The Central Bank held its annual Inter-Branch games in Mombasa in August 2016. The well attended and competitive games were opened by Deputy Governor, Sheila M’Mbijjewe. Teams participated in different games including netball, volleyball, football, swimming, squash, tennis, chess and darts.

Participants from all branches tried to outdo one another to bag the prizes. Nevertheless, overarching all the competitiveness was great team spirit and the knowledge that the biggest gain was in staff reminding themselves of what makes Central Bank great and appreciating each other as part of one big family.

As expected, the highlight of the games was the inevitable tug of war where the hefty reign supreme.
While closing the games, Central Bank Governor Dr Patrick Njoroge said “We understand the idea of records. We also understand what it takes to have a record. And really I think that is the spirit that we show. First and foremost is the determination that all of us have. That determination that saw even the last person still pushing the 800 metres. They will transfer that same effort into everything they do.”

Another record was set as Dr Njoroge became the first CBK Governor to ever attend the Bank’s Inter-Branch games. “I really think we will have a lot of fun the next time meet. I think it isn’t just the exercise that is good for us. It is good for us mentally, it is good for us to laugh and it’s good for us just to have fun,” said Dr Njoroge.

“That’s the way we become a people. That’s the way we become a team. That’s the way we become CBK” he added.